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F-12 is a high power solid two division system, there is a strong 12 inches (320mm) low frequency drive and a 1.7 inches (44mm) HF compression driver mounted on a continuous directivity horn * 50 degrees 80 degrees. High frequency horn can rotate, so that the box multi angle can also horizontal to vertical placement. The system more simple, it is full range loudspeaker ideal occasion requires efficient, reliable. Also suitable for the installation of fixed and rapid installation activities. F12 has a true natural performance of sound pressure level, its greatest feature is lightweight and has a higher, it needs to meet a lot of small speakers and meet the large spaces. The appearance of durable, box made of high density board, and the box surface using high durability of Yaan black poly ester paint. Very strong sound intensity of the anti-aging, and installed in the indoor humidity is to prevent the bad environment. Outdoor mobile sound reinforcement system, the use of indoor SHOW it, shake it slow and fixed installation systems and other places.

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