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F-15 is a system of high efficiency, wide range of performance, the outer box is very hard and practical. Extended frequency response is composed of a 15 inch (380mm) low frequency drive and a 1.7 inches (44mm) HF compression driver mounted on a continuous directional 80 degree horn * 50 degrees to provide. F-15 is very suitable for those who need a higher power with easy installation or rapid configuration are important factors for the occasion. F-15 has a real natural sound performance, most speakers have their own style, but the need is a true reflection of the original sound, only in this way can we truly high fidelity sound reinforcement system. Durable materials, using high density board box, and the box surface using high durability of Yaan black poly ester paint, very strong speaker aging resistant strength, and installed in the indoor humidity is to prevent the bad environment. Outdoor mobile sound reinforcement system, the use of indoor SHOW it, shake it slow and fixed installation systems and other places.

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