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The boot AC soft start automatic protection: inhibition of starting current, do not affect other devices and protection circuit in the utility model from impact. It has full function protection system, especially the unlimited class overload protection, can calmly face the stereo 2 ohms load. The startup delay pick up: to protect the speakers from impact, silent boot. The DC output load break protection: the midpoint drift and a DC output, prevent the speaker by impact damage. The overcurrent automatic tracing output current limiting soft protection: when the load impedance is too low and the input signal to the amplifier itself and radical, speaker protection. The clipping pressure limit protection: when the input signal is too large, so that the power amplifier peak clipping distortion of output, easy to damage the horn, the circuit can automatically detect the compressed signal protection box. The overheat protection: power tube temperature over 80 degrees, overheat protection automatic control cut load; when the automatic restoration work in 70 degrees below. The load short circuit protection: when the output short circuit, short circuit current is too large, automatically cut off the power amplifier output, protection, automatic recovery after relief when short circuit. The shutdown: shutdown when the first cut off the load, silent shutdown protection box.
型号 TYPE :CA 20 输出功率 Stereo power (4Ω) :1500W×2 输出功率 Stereo power (8Ω) :1250W×2 桥接功率 Bridged power(8Ω) :2200W 输入灵敏度 Input sensitivity :0.775V(0dB) 频率响应 Power bandwidth :20Hz~20KHz +0.1/-0.3dB(1W/8) 谐波失真 Thd for rated power@4ohm :≤0.03% AT--8Ω--POWER 信噪比 Tum&nosie("A"weighted): 103dB 外型尺寸 Dimensions(W×D×H): 483×565×132 mm 19"×22.2"×5.2" 重量 Net weight:32Kg

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