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FP series power amplifier power density - rave reviews in only 2U cabinet space, can provide a total of 14000W (2 x 7000W@2 ohms) of the great power. Rex sound - FP series power amplifier not only maintained the traditional FP series power amplifiers are impeccable sound quality and durability, but also has higher efficiency. Class CLASS-H amplifier, gain amplifier output stage circuit patent can be output as a class A/B power amplifier as the delicate sound technology to obtain a patent -, while maintaining the class D power amplifier with high efficiency. The voltage stabilizing type switch mode power supply (R.SMPS) -- even if the sharp fluctuations of AC voltage, the output power can also maintain the stability. The efficient cooling system -- a unique Intercooler from copper cooling system in high peak power output, can dissipate more heat. With adjustable parameters the gain switch can be flexibly adjusted, peak voltage limiter of large range (VPL), bridging switch working state and. Users can set up their own, system and to suit different applications. The XLR input signal connector - parallel can choose heavy terminals or Speakon output connector. The full range of protection and alarm system -- with overcurrent, overheating, DC, ultra high frequency (VHF), short circuit, open circuit, main power supply load fuse protection circuit and soft start circuit

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