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With the progress of science and technology, more and more sound aspects of products, if these products together to install a lot of socket, which brings inconvenience to the users. The timing device is a kind of equipment can effectively according to boot previous and after shutdown, successively and sequential switch before the connected electric equipment, avoid man-made mistake operation, completely solve the terminal equipment (such as power amplifier, loudspeaker etc.) may damage caused due to this failure, also can reduce the electric equipment the impact of starting current is generated for transmission line. Because of its performance characteristics, the system administrator to stay away from the complicated folding, cut off the power supply of electric equipment is essential work, sound engineering and TV broadcasting system for computer network system and other electrical engineering equipment.

Technical parameters:
The rated output voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz
The rated output current: 30A
It can control the power: 8
The each action delay time: 2 seconds
The power supply: VAC 50 / 60Hz 25A
The output of each channel with indicating lamp
The switch for power supply
The single rated output power: 20A
The configuration of the voltage display window

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