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I series of technical parameters
The TDK low noise resistance, Philips (PHILPS) transistor, Ruby (RUBYCON) capacitor.
The German lead-free surface mount (SMD) production process.
The National Semiconductor Corporation Ns power scheme, 85-260V world supply voltage, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, reliable, no AC noise interference.
The Taiwan 100mm fader, feel lubrication, long life.
The balanced microphone input, 3 XLR/ line in the TRS section of channel equalization.
The AUX auxiliary input, AUX auxiliary output.
The effect of SEND, RETURN to send and return to port.
The 7 section stereo graphic equalizer.
The Yamaha (24 YAMAHA) than the effect chip, 16 kinds of realistic effects, sound field is broad, low noise
The Headset monitoring channel or mix of output.
The USB sound playback, available USB line to connect the computer to play music, and can control the volume of computer, select songs, play and pause function.
The SD card reader and file download function, can be connected to the computer, multi language menu, synchronous display English song lyrics, 5 kinds of equilibrium model built in.
The accurate logarithmic LED level display.

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